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Just a little bit about Ick

Interactive Communications Konqueror (ICK) develops brand strategy and statistics optimizes web site traffic growth, performs reputation management, and generates advertising revenue for our customers, increasing the potential for brand development. We provide effective advertising and marketing solutions for clients ranging in size from independent proprietorships to mid-size public companies. 

We will work with your company to identify potential issues, create and implement customized relationship management solutions, and provide measurable, quantitative results, across all industries. 
For example, a recent client of ours, Griswold Home Care, needed to collect information from their customers about how to improve their services and interactions. We created and implemented a customized email marketing program for them and then followed up with survey participants, creating reports and offering solutions on improving their services based on the data collected, resulting in an extremely satisfied client. 

Our Reputation Management client roster includes the Greater NY AAMCO Dealers Advertising Group and the Chicagoland AAMCO Dealer Group. We have developed websites, performed social media and reputation management and launched extensive media campaigns for companies of varying sizes across a variety of industries including automotive, healthcare, fashion, banking, and environmental management. 

ICK has been the provider of PR and Marketing for We Are Beautiful Magazine (WRBM) since its inception in 2013, and in (WRBTeens) 2016  We R Beautiful Teens Magazine, For thousands of people each month, WRBM and WRBTeens is the new eyes and voice of the culture, inspiring and challenging them to see things differently, at any age in both themselves and the world. Within the community, you'll find articles about a wide variety of topics, and especially stories that will make you smile. 

If you're interested in learning more about our products and services, give us a call at 973-241-5196 and ask to speak to a representative today!


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